Memories Of My Life/2

When I was twelve , thirteen years old , I would sneak into my older sister’s room , whenever she was out on dates with whatever boyfriend she was with at the time , and listen to her records. She had some good ones , Led Zeppelin , Yes , Uriah Heep , Black Oak Arkansas , and Grand Funk Railroad. Demons And Wizards , from The Heep , and Raunch And Roll , from Black Oak , were among my favorites. I would listen to them over and over again , until I nearly wore them out. Black Oak became one of my favorite bands in the next two years , along with Grand Funk.
One night I accidently shattered one her records. It was Black Sabbath , Master Of Reality. I can’t remember if she killed me for that , but she must not have , because I’m still here.


Memories Of My Life

When I was thirteen , or fourteen , I walked up to the Azusa foothills with a friend of mine. His name was Shawn Kingsbury. We walked up there a lot in those days , usually early in the morning , on weekends , and would hang out under the first bridge.
One particular morning , we took pack packs with us , filled with sandwiches and water , I presume. We were smoking cigars that day. I don’t remember if we took them from my dad , or Shawn’s. But , I do remember , as we looked for a place to hide the packs , that we were flicking our ashes all over the place. We finally decided to put them up in a nearby tree. Then we hiked up the hill.
When we came back down the hill , we saw smoke in the distance. We knew immediately that we must have been responsible , so we ran back up the hill , attempting to hide , and figure out what we were going to do.
Later on , that evening , as the sun was setting , we were playing basketball at my house , when we noticed that a plain sedan stopped outside the house across the street. We knew there were detectives in it who were watching us. We were trying to play it cool , but inside we were ready to drop everything and bolt.
Apparently , a friend of one of my cousins had seen us running away from the fire , and that’s how the police knew that it was us.
Eventually , we were able to convince them that we didn’t mean to intentionally set the fire.