Memories Of My Life/3

When I was twelve , thirteen years old , I was a basketball player and fan. I liked the Lakers , and the UCLA Bruins. I remember staying up late Fridays and Saturdays to watch Bruins basketball , when mom and dad were next door playing games with Dorothy and Stan. I would also watch Alfred Hitchcock Presents , and The Sixth Sense , a mystery about a psychic investigator.
While watching Hitchcock , and The Sixth Sense , my imagination often ran wild. Sometimes I would hear footsteps on the front porch , and sounds of the house settling , became sounds of someone knocking or scratching , or trying to break in. I even thought that I could see movement from the corners of my eyes , and was afraid that someone or something was watching me from the darkness of the hallway , peeking at me around the furnace.
During one of these nights , while watching something scary , I heard a scream. I nearly jumped through the ceiling. It hadn’t come from the television. It came from next door. Later , mom told me that it was Dana Grinter. Apparently , she had awakened during the night to discover that her sister , Dawn , was not there. She had spent the night at a friends. Maybe Dana thought the Bogeyman had gotten her.