Magic Forest/Secret Lives Of Trees

picasabackground-14.jpg Woods and forests are magical places. There are secrets hidden in the trees , the under growth , beneath the soil , and under rocks.
I believe that woods and forests , especially trees , have secret lives of their own. They speak to each other. They laugh. They sing and dance , and celebrate life. They give praise to the Creator. And mourn when one of their own dies.
Who knows what may exist in such places. Other creatures besides animals. Perhaps beings once believed to be magical : fairies , gnomes , whatever you choose to name them.

When I was young , there was a place I used to go to that only I knew about. It was peaceful and quiet. A place to escape from my pain. There were trees in a clearing , with a lake in the middle. On the trees I carved my name. Now that I am grown , I wander and roam , but in my mind I always return to that place that helped me escape my pain.


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