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Arthur C. Clarke

Arthur C. Clarke

From the director of the first Space Odyssey film , the unauthorized biography of the late science fiction writer , Arthur C. Clarke , author of the book that was made into a moderately successful film. Also contains the short story , A Space Fart , the tale of a lonely fart named Rip , drifting through the universe.
Kubrick never mentioned who the character Rip was based on , but Clarke was sure it was himself , and threatened to sue if the book was not removed from publication.
Kubrick refused , and the two who had been long time friends , headed for court.
“He can deny it all he wants!” Clarke complained on the Larry King Show. “I know Rip is supposed to be my fart , God damn it!”
The judge residing over the case thought the whole thing was ridiculous and laughable , and dismissed it. Clarke responded by writing his own book about Kubrick.

2002 : A Space Fart

The continuing saga of Rips lonely journey through the cosmos , this time with Kubrick in the role as Rip.


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