Celebrity Farts Book Reviews / My Secret Life As A Woman , by Max Weinberg

These are imaginary reviews of imaginary books by celebrities. Like some people , I’ve never been too crazy about celebrities. Their egos far outweigh their pay checks. Nor do I spend my time watching those ridiculous celebrity news magazines like ET ( unless it’s to make fun of them ) , which in my opinion can easily induce narcolepsy , and deep states of catatonia. So , beware. Next time you watch one of these shows , you just may fall into a coma without realizing it , and from which you may never wake up.

32042622 (3) The unauthorized biography of Conan O’Brien , the king of late night comedy.
The book covers in extensive detail , Conan’s alleged secret fantasies of being a woman , his cross dressing behind the scenes of Late Night , and his alleged affair with Tom Jones , who had no idea that it was really Conan in drag as his sister , Connie.
In a recent interview , Jones denied the affair , claiming that Weinberg — a long time drummer for Bruce Springsteen — made the whole thing up , just to gain notoriety.
Weinberg responded to the allegation with his own statement : ‘Hey! I’m drummer for The Boss! I don’t need no stinking notoriety! Whatever that is.’
O’Brien also gave a statement to the press : ‘That wasn’t very nice of you , Max. But I forgive you. Hey! Why don’t I set you up on a date with my sister , Connie? She looks exactly like me!’