Celebrity Farts Book Reviews / Psychic Farts , by John Edward

29857128 (2) Authors note : “It was the worst fart I have ever encountered ,” said Edward after solving the mystery. “I was so frightened my hair has been standing on end ever since. I’ve tried everything to straighten it out , but nothing works , not even Brill Cream!”

How psychic John Edward solved the mystery of the dead celebrity who cut the cheese. The book stayed at number one for a record , wind breaking one hundred and twelve weeks , despite the fact that it was bashed by psychic debunker , James Randy. Mr. Randy , a well – known magician , had previously offered a one million dollar reward to anyone who can prove that psychic phenomena actually exists.
To this day , the reward has remained unclaimed.
“He’s a phony , and I can prove it ,” claimed Mr. Randy soon after the book was published. “The only fart he detected was his own.”


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