Fart Whisperer , Can You Smell Us? by Jennifer Love Hewitt

   Did you know that there actually are people who hunt ghosts by the smells they emit? Yes , it’s true! They’re called Fart Whisperers. For five seasons CBS aired Ghost Whisperer , a series starring Jennifer Love Hewitt , which was based upon the true life exploits of Mary Ann Winkowski , an honest to God Fart Whisperer.

   An authorized biography of real life Fart Whisperer , Mary Ann Winkowski. The book deals mainly with Winkowski’s unusual methods of ghost hunting , recounts of incidents from her early years , and also excerpts from her two books , When Death Smells , and When Ghosts Fart , It Really , Really Stinks!

   According to Hewitt , Winkowski not only was a gifted psychic from her teenage years , but her methods of ghost hunting were very unorthodox. Her talent was not seeing the dead , but hearing them pass wind.

From the book : “She had an otherworldly talent for sniffing out otherworldly odors , much like a dog does when it sniffs around for food , or another dogs butt. One day she started hearing fart noises – and these were really loud noises – and smelling odors that reminded her of all the times that she had eaten hard-boiled eggs as a kid. These odors always occurred when she alone , and she sometimes wondered if she was smelling her own farts , even though she couldn’t remember doing it. These odors were often accompanied by laughter , which led her to believe that she might be the butt of a practical joke. But each time she investigated , she discovered that she was always alone when these smells occurred.

Then , one day at school during class , the smells returned , and this time she heard a voice that said , ‘Can you smell us?’ followed by laughter.

” ‘Whoever it is!’ she blurted out , ‘Please go away and leave me alone! I have no desire to smell your disgusting farts!’

“The whole class stared at her a moment , and then burst out laughing.”

During the opening theme of every episode , a ghostly voice can be heard , saying ,  can you hear us.

According to Hewitt , Winkowski wanted it changed to , can you smell us , since , she claimed that the dead smell worse than worse than the living. But the producers said , no stinking way!