Was Obama’s Mother A Space Alien?

The Obama Journal

Yes , according to a new , anonymous  source.

    Not long after Barack Obama’s first election into the White House , the Birther movement was born. Claims that he was a foreigner , born in Kenya and therefore not eligible for the presidency. They immediately demanded to see his birth certificate as proof of his citizenship , and when it was eventually produced , they insisted it was genuine , even though it was quickly proven to be a fake , a cheap photo shopped forgery. The most compelling case of forgery came from Alex Jones on his radio program , infowars.

Whether you believe in the Birther claim or not , the question is now irrelevant. Now , according to Mr. Jones , there is more compelling evidence revealing the true origins of Barack Obama. On his radio program , yesterday , Mr. Jones made a startling claim :

“Ladies and gentleman , and fellow patriotic gun loving…

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